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Where To Buy Paper Napkins?

Paper napkin is one commodity that is easily available everywhere, starting from your local supermarket to an online store.

  • The bigger supermarkets such as Spinneys, Westzone, Choithram and Nesto offer you not just the conventional paper napkins but also the likes of pop-up napkins, dinner napkins and lunch napkins.
  • At hypermarkets such as Carrefour and Lulu, you will get a variety of paper napkins, along with different colors and textures.
  • Paper napkins also form an important part of the inventory of retailers such as grocery shop owners, who would have basic paper napkins to meet your everyday needs.
  • When it comes to e-commerce marketplaces, be it, amazon or noon, both carry a large number of paper napkins from multiple suppliers across the region.

Paper napkins are also used in the hospitality industry. They can be found in restrooms and at restaurants, to clean your hands during/after your meal.

If you need to buy paper napkins in bulk, then you can go to wholesalers who deal in the same. Here, not only can you get the normal paper napkins but can also get printed paper napkins to have at the dinner table, for parties, corporate events and many more. Businesses usually get their logos printed on napkins to promote their brands.

Paper Napkins In Dubai

Ultracare provides the one-stop solution for all your paper napkin needs. Our disposable paper napkins are super soft and lightweight, can easily absorb a large range of fluids and are hygienic as well. These paper napkins are ideal for parties, picnics, as well as for domestic use. Ultracare has a range of paper napkins, based on your exact requirements.

To know more or request a quotation, you can contact us at info@myultracare.com or call us on +971 55 904 5456

More About Paper Napkins

A paper napkin is a thin sheet of paper that can be used for cleaning the face, drying hands, removing dirt from surfaces and absorbing fluids.

Paper napkins have replaced cloth napkins to a large extent, mainly because of their inexpensive and use-and-throw nature. You do not need to keep a wet cloth napkin in your pocket after drying your hands. Instead, you can just use a paper napkin and dispose of it right after.

Paper Napkins Industry

The use and popularity of paper napkins are growing continuously across the globe. With a lifestyle change, more people are moving towards paper napkins instead of cloth napkins, as the former offers a more hygienic solution when compared to the latter.

According to a report by FMI, China is supposed to be the global leader when it comes to manufacturing paper napkins. It is followed closely by the US, the UK, France and Germany.

Because of their increased usage, a large number of tissue paper manufacturers are adding paper napkins to their portfolios. This is expected to further aid the growth of the industry worldwide.

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