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How to Choose an Ideal Paper Towel Dispenser for your Facility?

How to Choose an Ideal Paper Towel Dispenser for your Facility?

Paper Towel Dispenser

With the increasing importance given to hygiene, it is vital to keep all areas as clean as possible. A paper towel dispenser can be an optimal hygienic solution for both high and low traffic areas. Housing paper towels in a wall-mounted dispenser helps to keep the towels neat, dry and free from contamination and also helps in reducing waste by presenting one towel at a time.

With so many paper towel dispensers available to choose from in the market, what is the ideal one, and what are some factors that need to be considered before choosing one? At Ultracare, we know that choosing that perfect product can often be a dilemma, especially when there are multiple options to select from.

Factors to Consider:

There are several factors to consider when deciding on the right paper towel dispenser for your space.

  • Budget / Cost of Dispenser

It plays a large role in narrowing down your options, with different models being appropriate for different reasons. Choosing a cost-effective solution that suits your needs should be your ideal choice.

  • Material used to produce Dispenser

Different paper towel dispensers are made from different materials. Paper towel dispensers can be made from plastic or steel. To evaluate durability of the dispenser, consider the material i.e. ABS Plastic or Steel used to produce the dispenser and the material used for the blade i.e. metal or plastic.

  • Space availability

The availability of space for mounting a paper towel dispenser is a pivotal factor for choosing the right option.

  • Capacity

A paper towel dispenser’s capacity is determined by the number of paper towels it can hold. You need to choose a paper towel dispenser that has a capacity large enough to avoid frequent refills depending on the anticipated use of the paper towels.

Benefits of using Paper Towel Dispensers

  • Ensures proper hygiene

An automatic paper towel dispenser is completely touch-free and doesn’t require any human touch, so it always ensures proper hygiene.

  • Huge paper holding Capacity

Good paper towel dispensers offer a large paper holding capacity so that users do not have to worry about refilling the towels constantly.

  • Cost-effective

Good quality dispensers help in reducing costs due to the effective usage of paper towels.

Types of Paper Towel Dispensers:

1. C-Fold or Multifold Paper Towel Dispenser

As simple as it gets, this is the classic paper towel dispenser. It is just a basic box with a door – no moving parts or electronics. They dispense the standard size c-fold or multifold paper towel.

2. Automatic/ Sensor Touch Autocut Paper Towel Dispensers

An automatic paper towel dispenser is just like it sounds – automatic. These have a sophisticated hand motion sensor that allows you to simply wave your hand in front of the sensor and the dispenser will automatically dispense the paper towels. These must be connected to power via electrical wiring or may be battery operated.

3. Hybrid Autocut Paper Towel Dispensers

The preferred choice of towel dispenser in high traffic washrooms, the hands-free Autocut Dispenser is designed for maximum strength and durability with impact-resistant materials. It provides a touchless, hands-free operation with quick, smooth paper delivery. The translucent cover allows for an easy view of the paper supply. The modern design is sure to complement any decor. This unit has a double latch lock, helping to prevent vandalism and theft.

Autocut Hybrid Dispenser

4. Maxi Roll Towel Dispensers

A Maxi Roll Dispenser is the most commonly used tissue paper solution for kitchens and food preparation areas. Practical and efficient, its fast pulling system is the ideal choice for wiping uses (mainly for kitchens, food preparation areas, hospitals, hotels, clubs, gyms, etc).

Ultracare is one of the most trusted and leading paper towel and toilet paper dispenser manufacturers in Dubai. From paper towel dispensers to washroom dispensers, we design ultra-sleek dispensers that perfectly meet our customers’ hygiene needs. To check out these dispensers, visit  or call on +971 50 904 5456 to place an order.


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