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Bulk Pack Toilet Sheets

Bulk Pack Toilet Sheets

Bulk Pack Toilet Sheet Paper is toilet paper that comes in sheets rather than rolls. It allows for the sanitary use of interfolded bathroom tissue, allowing for single sheet dispensing.

Toilet tissue paper is required in every business around the world, and it is also required in the home. As a result, demand is always high. It is our responsibility as wholesale toilet paper suppliers to keep your workplace stocked on time and at a reasonable price. That is why we are constantly collaborating with our toilet paper manufacturers and bulk toilet paper suppliers to provide you with an easily accessible range of products.

We also supply in East African countries like Kenya, Mauritius, Zimbabwe, Uganda, Tanzania, South Sudan and more. If you are looking for wholesale toilet paper manufacturers, please contact us.

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Bulk Pack Toilet Sheet Paper is toilet paper in sheet form instead of the traditional roll form. It allows hygienic use of the interfolded bathroom tissue, allowing single sheet dispensing.


  • 15-16 gsm; 2 ply
  • 21 x 11 cm sheet size
  • 250 sheets per pack
  • 36 packs per carton

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