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Nurse/Hairnet/Bouffant Caps

Nurse/Hairnet/Bouffant Caps

The disposable non woven nurse/hairnet/bouffant caps are suited for broad-spectrum use across multiple industries and have distinctive purposes for each. The surgical caps are used in restaurants, food processing establishments, schools, hospitals, drug manufacturing establishments, factories, cleaning companies and so on. The non woven and spun-bonded material creates a solid barrier that is perfect for medical use. The broad stretch band simplifies donning and doffing while providing improved wearing comfort, and ensuring hygiene.

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Nurse caps or Surgical caps are one of the most important personal protective equipment (PPE) used in multiple industries, including hospitals and clinics, kitchens, school canteens and cleaning companies. These caps that keep your hair in one place, are disposable, non-woven and do not have any harmful effects on wearing them for long periods.

One can also see people working in beauty salons wearing disposable surgical caps. Hair dye products contain chemicals like ammonia and hydrogen peroxide, which are harmful when they come in direct contact with one’s skin. Wearing a surgical cap helps prevent the dye from coming in contact with the forehead skin.

Surgical caps usually come in two variants – one with an elastic and the other without. Going by the name itself, one of the most common uses of a surgical cap is that in the medical field, to avoid any contamination of the hair by bacteria or germs.

How to wear a surgical cap?

  • Choose an appropriate size of the cap for you, which will cover your entire hair, starting from the hairline.
  • Open the cap and stretch it over your head, from front to back.
  • Ensure that all of your hair is contained within the elastic of the cap.
  • If you have longer hair, make sure to tie your hair in a tight bun before wearing a surgical cap.

Best Surgical Cap Suppliers in Dubai

Ultracare is one of the best providers of Surgical Caps in Dubai. Our products are available in three colors – blue, white and black. Our multi-purpose surgical or nurse caps, which are made out of spun-bonded material, have a broad stretch band, ensuring comfort and safety at the same time.

We also supply other hygiene products and PPE disposables such as face masks, PE aprons, vinyl gloves, thereby catering to a wide audience and spanning across different industries.

We at Ultracare are happy to answer any questions that you may have regarding surgical or nurse caps. Feel free to reach us on +971 55 904 5456

frequently asked questions FAQ's

A nurse cap was originally worn by a group of women in the Christian era who were recognized nurses of the religious order. Such nurses were known as Deaconesses. The cap has since been a staple of a nurse’s uniform.

While they do not pose any health risk as such, nurse caps should be cleaned and washed thoroughly, since they are worn in highly infectious and contagious environments. Also, it is a good practice to keep changing the cap now and then to maintain high standards of hygiene.

Here are the steps to make a bouffant nurse cap:

  • Using lightweight fabric, make the pattern for the circle as a half-circle or a quarter circle. You can take the measurements according to your need.
  • Now, fold the circle in half and pin each side of the fold to mark them. Also, fold the other direction in half to mark the other side.
  • Make pleats using the top center to the pin on the left and the top center to the pin on the right.
  • Fold the back band in half and stitch the front band to the back band.
  • Fold the front band in half the long way and press down.
  • Print the rest of the front band to the hat and add another pleat, if necessary.
  • Sew the edges. Your bouffant nurse cap is ready.

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