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Catering Disposables

Aluminum containers, garbage bags, cutlery set, table cover, foam lunch box, foam plate, hand grade stretch films, paper cups, plastic fork, plastic knife, plastic spoon, polythene vegetable roll, sofra rolls, and much more are among our extensive range of disposable and catering supplies. We also carry a wide variety of food packaging supplies, including foil food containers, plastic food containers, and biodegradable containers.

We are a dependable catering disposable supplier with products delivered all over the country to schools, catering companies, hospitals, cafes, restaurants, hotels, and dozens of other businesses in need of bulk catering and hospitality supplies. Not only are the majority of our products recyclable, but we also have a large selection of compostable and biodegradable catering items that are guaranteed to be gentle on the environment and our waste system.

We also supply in Oman, Qatar and Kuwait and also in East African countries like Kenya, Mauritius, Zimbabwe, Uganda, Tanzania, South Sudan and more. If you are looking for a disposable catering supplies in wholesale, contact us

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