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Difference Between Nitrile, Latex and Vinyl Gloves

The past year has made the world realize the importance of disposable gloves. Not only are these gloves essential in the medical and healthcare sector but are also important in the hospitality, beauty, food and beverage industries.

These gloves prevent your hands from coming into direct contact with bacteria and germs, thus preventing you from contracting many diseases. They help maintain sanitary working conditions and set the precedent for hygiene across various sectors.

Gloves can be made up of different types of materials, depending upon their area of use. This makes choosing the right kind of gloves all the more important.

Generally, disposable gloves can be made up of three types of materials: Nitrile, Latex, or Vinyl.

Let’s take a look at how these three types of gloves differ from each other

Nitrile Gloves:

These gloves originally came into light in the 1990s, mainly as a substitute for the latex ones. Even though elasticity and flexibility are not their strongest forte, they are known for their durability and resistance to chemicals. This makes them ideal for use in the chemical and medical industries, where one may be handling hazardous chemicals or compounds daily.

Latex Gloves:

These are perhaps the most popular gloves out there and have been in use since the early 1980s when they were highly recommended for protection from bloodborne pathogens such as HIV. But, with an increase in popularity came a hindrance and that was allergic reactions. Hence, the demand for latex-free gloves such as vinyl and nitrile increased. Though, even now, latex gloves remain cheaper and more comfortable for people who are not allergic to them. They are flexible, comfortable to wear, and can offer good enough protection. These are most suitable for medical purposes for those who can wear them without their skin getting affected.

Vinyl Gloves:

Made from Polyvinyl chloride (PVC), these gloves are widely popular because they are inexpensive to manufacture. But, when compared to latex and nitrile gloves, these offer lesser protection against chemicals and are less durable. Due to the low protection offered by these gloves, they are mostly used in non-hazardous and non-infectious environments.

Where To Buy Vinyl Gloves?

Ultracare is the leading Vinyl gloves supplier in the UAE. Due to the fragile nature of these gloves, you need to choose a supplier who can provide you with the best available product in the market.

Ultracare provides powder-free gloves, which are excellent for use in a variety of applications. By reducing the risk of contamination, these gloves offer a safe solution to people who are affected by common germs or allergies.

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