Cleaning Station


The cleaning station is the ultimate ergonomic organizer. This sleekly designed free-standing system fits and enhances any decor. A user-friendly process – pull, spray, wipe, toss and clean hands, promote food hygiene habits, protecting your customers from harmful bacteria and viruses.


  • Height: 113cm
  • Width: 38cm
  • Length: 24.5cm

More Information:

If you are someone who likes to maintain the highest hygiene standards, then chances are that you must be using several cleaning products. These products may range from tissues and sanitizers to vinyl gloves. While having all these products at your disposal is great, you also need a place where you can store them properly without cluttering them around.

As soon as you hear the term “cleaning station”, you might imagine a place that contains various cleaning products used to maintain sanitary environments. You might be aware of cleaning stations that are present at various public establishments such as malls, airports, etc. But the cleaning station we are talking about is something that you can easily place at your home too.

What Is It?

The cleaning station provided by Ultracare is the ultimate ergonomic organizer. It has a unique, modern, and sleek design that can fit comfortably in even a small space in your room. It is highly functional because it can incorporate all the essential cleaning items that you might require in your day-to-day life.

This free-standing cleaning station can be a perfect fit for any kind of decor or arrangement so that the aesthetic of your room is not disturbed. It has a tissue paper dispenser at the top from which you can easily pull out a tissue, use it, and throw it away. What’s more is that there is a built-in dustbin in the cleaning station, making it very convenient. Also, there is an in-built dispenser in the front that can be used to dispense sanitizer. So, you do not even need to buy a separate sanitizer stand.

On the side, the cleaning station is divided into two parts which can be used to hide the various cleaning products. Got a bottle of spray lying here and there? Put it there. Got extra tissue boxes? There’s always space in the cleaning station.

Why Choose This Cleaning Station?

Surely after reading the above, you must now be aware of the usefulness of this cleaning station. This isn’t just an ideal product because of its functionality, but also because it is provided by one of the best hygienic products suppliers in UAE, i.e. Ultracare.

Ultracare strives to promote healthy and hygienic habits among its customers by supplying high-quality cleaning products such as this cleaning station. Besides this, it also supplies related cleaning products such as tissue papers and sprays that can be incorporated in this station.

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