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Autocut Dispenser – Hybrid

Autocut Dispenser - Hybrid

Autocut hand towel dispensers are highly preferred in high traffic washrooms, the hands-free Ultracare Autocut Dispenser is designed for maximum strength and durability with impact-resistant materials. It provides a touchless, hands-free operation with quick, smooth paper delivery. The translucent cover allows for an easy view of the paper supply. The modern design is sure to complement any decor. This unit has a double latch lock, helping to prevent vandalism and theft. The Ultracare Autocut Dispenser accommodates most non-perforated roll towels up to 8.0″ wide and 8.0″ in diameter.

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What is an Autocut Dispenser?

According to the BC Centre of Disease Control, 80 % of common infections are spread through one’s hands. As business owners, our priority is the safety of our employees and customers.

Our Autocut Hand Towel Dispensers help you to stay safe by offering a hands-free paper towel option. It is an effective and hygienic way of drying one’s hands thereby, reducing contact and improving sanitation. The Ultracare Autocut Dispenser is engineered to better control the rate of tissue consumption, which varies from one user to another.

Advantages of Ultracare’s Autocut Dispenser:

  1. Its economical design makes it a cost-effective and sustainable option. It dispenses one sheet of paper towel at a time to prevent wastage and does not need power to operate, making it easy to install.
  2. The structure of these Autocut Hand Towel Dispensers makes it easy to replace empty rolls of towels and maintains the dispenser. With these high-quality dispensers, one can adjust the feeding-time gap between hand towels, as well as the length of each sheet for controlled use and consumption.
  3. The Autocut Dispensers have compact, sleek designs to deliver a contemporary restroom aesthetic with added functionality. Since the design is hybrid, it improves speed and avoids using batteries so your paper towel dispenser is always functioning.
  4. Its translucent design makes it easier to refill and accommodates most non-perforated paper towel rolls of 8” wide and 8” in diameter.
  5. Its key locking system prevents damage and theft.

Why Ultracare’s Autocut Dispenser?

Hand Hygiene is one of the most effective ways to keep your teams and visitors healthy. At Ultracare, we supply a range of hygiene solutions to support high hygiene standards for your business and home environments and hence ensuring the best autocut hand towel dispensers within the UAE.

Our clients love our products and are appreciative of our customer service. If you are looking for a one-stop-shop for all your hygiene needs, your search ends with us at Ultracare – Hygiene Care Reinvented:


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