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Interfold Hand Towel Dispenser

Interfold Hand Towel Dispenser

Popular in both low-traffic and high-traffic washrooms, the Ultracare Interfold Hand Paper Towel Dispenser is suitable for environments that demand both comfort and hygiene. A slim and attractive dispenser, it reduces consumption and waste with its single towel dispensing. A functional and modern design with an adaptor plate for extra-narrow towels, it fits interleaved, c-fold and z-fold paper towels. The Ultracare Interfold Hand Paper Towel Dispenser is easy to service and restock.

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Placement of The Paper Towel Dispenser

  • Gyms – Gyms are one of the places that pose the highest risk of getting infected by a virus or bacteria. All the gym equipment, as well as the flooring, is often drenched in sweat. Dispensers placed at the entrance of the equipment room, cycling studio and the entrance/exit of the gym can be highly beneficial, hence implementation of Ultracare’s Interfold Hand Paper Towel Dispenser remains advantageous in such an environment. It is always recommended to wipe down any equipment before and after use. Our paper towel dispensers can help you and your gym members stay healthy, safe and active.
  • Shopping Malls and Restaurants – When you manage a shopping mall or an F&B outlet, bathroom hygiene is of utmost importance. Placing a paper towel dispenser there makes it convenient and clean for people to use. The dispenser is also great for kids who often have a habit of pulling too many tissues and wasting them.
  • Schools – Placing a hand paper towel dispenser in a school can be very convenient and hygienic for the students and faculty. Multiple dispensers can be placed in classrooms, corridors, restrooms, labs, sports facilities and the canteen. Ultracare is one of the biggest paper towel dispenser suppliers within the industry and ensures 100% satisfaction and guarantees hygiene for all.

Ultracare Paper Towel Dispenser Benefits

When you buy our paper towel dispensers, you not only receive a hygienic product for your customers, but it is a dispenser that adds class due to its sleek design. Our paper towel dispensers come with a lock mechanism that is a unique feature to avoid accidental wastage. The dispenser is sturdy and is made to be durable. It does not take up much space due to its compact design and is easy to fit and simple to restock.

Ultracare paper towel dispensers should be your first preference after-all we are the one of the best and paper towel dispenser suppliers within the industry. Get in touch with us at  to place your order.

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