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Facial Tissue – Rectangular

Facial Tissue - Rectangular

The daily use of tissue paper contributes significantly to infection control and the promotion of good hand hygiene in the general population. Lowering hygiene risks is widely acknowledged as contributing to improved health. It is used in a variety of industries all over the world.

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Facial Tissues by Ultracare are soft, strong, and highly absorbent for your personal hygiene needs since we are the leading facial tissue manufacturers in UAE. Our facial tissues are made of 100% virgin cellulose and can be safely used during common colds and allergies. Designed for one pull at a time proper dispensing, we ensure that the softest and most hygienic tissues touch the skin of you and your loved ones. In addition, we can provide customized design and branding solutions for your unique tissue boxes.


  • 13-13.5 gsm; 2 ply
  • 17.5 / 19 / 21 cm x 21 cm sheet sizes
  • 100 / 150 / 200 sheets per box
  • 100 sheets per box – 36 or 42 boxes per ctn
  • 150 sheets per box – 30 boxes per ctn
  • 200 sheets per box – 30 boxes per ctn

Whether you call it paper handkerchiefs or just tissues, facial tissues are a versatile product that can be used beyond the makeup and beauty industry. Their soft, strong and highly absorbent texture makes them very useful at home or work.

Where are facial tissues used?

Facial tissues are one of those multi-use products that can be used for various odds and ends:

  • Having a box of tissues in common areas like the reception and the conference room helps in maintaining hygiene for employees and visitors.
  • Tissues come in handy for quick cleanups and spills and can also be useful for dusting.
  • The facial tissues come into use when you have a cold or flu and can be disposed of immediately, offering better hygiene.
  • With regards to makeup, tissues can be used to even out your foundation, fix your eyeliner or even dab your lipstick.

What are the features of good facial tissues?

  • The tissue must be highly absorbent.
  • It should be soft on the skin and not tear easily, with a strong texture quality.
  • Its dispensing function should release only one tissue at a time, thereby reducing wastage.

At Ultracare, we provide facial tissues that are highly effective for hygiene purposes, to prevent germs from being passed around easily. Our customized design and branding solutions make it a versatile and useful item to have in the workplace. Made of 100% virgin cellulose and a 2 ply texture, our facial tissues combine durability with softness and comfort. With a one-pull at a time dispensing function, Ultracare’s facial tissues ensure that hygiene levels are maintained in the workplace while adding a homely touch to your spaces.

The leading facial tissue manufacturer in UAE, Ultracare produces the complete range of tissue paper products for both the retail and institutional segments. Explore our product range at or contact +971 50 904 5456 for more information.

frequently asked questions FAQ's

Facial tissues are hygienic, soft, disposable papers that are designed for use on your face. They are the most common types of tissue papers used. The packaging of facial tissues is usually in the form of a box and it comes either as scented or unscented tissues.

Toilet paper has zero wet strength chemical, which enables it to disintegrate in water and hence is flushable. On the other hand, because of the wet strength of facial tissue, it is difficult to flush. Facial tissue has a much smoother surface as compared to tissue paper. Also, it is stronger than tissue paper and is delicately crafted to suit your skin. Are facial tissues septic safe?

Facial tissues can cause some problems in your septic system, if not disposed of properly. This is because, like paper towels, they do not break down easily and can hence, clog the septic system.

Unlike toilet paper which can be made to dissolve quickly so that it does not clog the septic system, a facial tissue cannot be dissolved because it is crafted using different layers of paper which makes the overall structure strong and difficult to break down.

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