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Paper/Catering Napkins

Paper/Catering Napkins

The best and the most well-known paper napkins company within the UAE, Ultracare- offers the best White Disposable Napkins that are soft and super absorbent. 100 sheets are carefully interlocked in each pack. An ideal choice for parties and picnics.


  • 30 x 30 cm sheet size
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What are paper napkins?

  • Paper napkins have numerous benefits, especially in the F&B industry, ranging from restaurants to catering events.
  • Their affordability makes them easily available to small businesses as well. From kitchen spaces to living spaces, paper napkins are usually found in most homes.
  • The application of paper serviettes is not just limited to cleaning. They also make one’s space look more appealing and can be useful at picnics, house parties and even weddings.

What are the advantages of using paper napkins?

  • Several restaurant owners prefer paper napkins for their setting instead of other napkins. These napkins elevate the dining experience when properly folded and also, sit well with your dining table aesthetics. Shapes such as a rose, a heart, a leaf, are some examples of how napkins can be folded.
  • When dining, a napkin comes in handy for cleaning spills and patting the mouth, but it is also essential when one needs to clean their hands.

What are the factors to be considered while selecting a paper napkin supplier?

  • The napkins should be soft and very absorbent.
  • The napkins should be of high quality.
  • The supplier should have customization options for your brand/event.
  • The supplier should have reliable customer support.
  • The supplier should have enough stock of the product to serve a standardized product to their customers every time.

Paper napkin suppliers in Dubai & Best Paper Napkin Company within the UAE– Ultracare

Established in 2001, Ultracare has been manufacturing paper napkins for over 20 years and has experienced staff to support the product range. We have private labeling available for businesses and brand promotions, which can be offered in small quantities or big batches, depending on the requirement. There are various size options; each carton contains 40 packs of paper napkins.

We offer you a one-stop solution for all your paper napkins and general hygiene product needs at reasonable rates, without compromising on quality. Discover more at

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