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Maxi Roll Dispenser

Maxi Roll Dispenser

The Ultracare Maxi Roll Dispenser is the most commonly used tissue paper solution for kitchens and food preparation areas. Practical and efficient, its fast pulling system is the ideal choice for wiping uses (mainly for kitchens, food preparation areas, hospitals, hotels, clubs, gyms, etc). Ultracare is one of the best maxi roll dispenser suppliers in UAE and the quality speaks for itself.

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Why are Maxi Roll Dispensers so useful?

Can you imagine a busy restaurant, kitchen or catering event with no tissue paper products? The kitchen would stop functioning. Tissue paper products are an indispensable asset in kitchens and restrooms.

It dispenses tissue paper that is strong and highly absorbent. The maxi roll tissue dispenser is quick, making it easy to clean and use at places such as hospitals, clinics, gyms, kitchens, etc. Even though these dispensers are manually operated, they are mostly hands-free and reduce the risk of transmission of viruses or any other bacteria.

Where to use Maxi Roll Dispensers?

  • Kitchens – In any restaurant, the kitchen is the busiest place and negligence in the kitchen can cause injury to staff and also lead to food contamination. A well-placed Maxi Roll Tissue Dispenser can avoid both these calamities. Another ideal place to install a Maxi Roll Tissue Dispenser would be next to the dishwashers, to wipe off any food pieces from the plate before putting it in the dishwasher. Also, these dispensers can be used after dishwashing to wipe down crockery and cutlery.
  • Restrooms – Restaurant washrooms will have fewer visitors than a mall restroom. Two dispensers at opposite ends of the restroom should suffice your customers’ needs and provide an asymmetrical design as well. When it comes to restrooms in the malls, more Maxi Roll Tissue Dispensers would be needed to cater to the crowd. Also, a separate dispenser can be placed in the baby room in restrooms, thereby, making it easy for the parents.
  • Catering Events – Maxi Roll Tissue Dispensers are also used for various catering events such as dinner parties, weddings, cruise events, etc. as they are practical and efficient. And when it comes to such exclusive events, why not go with the best maxi roll dispenser in UAE? Ultracare’s maxi roll dispensers ensure the best quality and guaranteed hygiene. One of the most important features is its fast pulling system, which makes it easy for the kitchen crew to handle large crowds.

Ultracare’s Maxi Roll Dispenser

Our brand Ultracare is known to be the leading tissue paper manufacturer in Dubai and we ensure we live up to that name.

We provide all kinds of hygiene and protective equipment. When you choose Ultracare, you can be assured to receive “ultra care”. We are one of the most cost-efficient suppliers in the region while ensuring that we do not sacrifice the quality of our products. Ultracare’s maxi roll tissue dispenser grants ease of access and guaranteed sanitation.

At Ultracare, we provide a total solution for all your hygiene needs.

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