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Tissue Papers commonly used in the away-from-home segment

Choose Hygiene the smart way!

Tissue Paper is one of the smartest choices you can make when it comes to caring for your hygiene. Why? 

Millions of people choose paper every day, everywhere as it’s convenient. Today, as hygiene has become more important than ever, tissue paper plays an important role in the control of infection and the promotion of good hand hygiene within the general population. 

The usage of tissue paper is not just limited to homes. Tissue paper is highly preferred for its  hygiene, the ease of access and disposability which is why it is used in every industry, for applications in catering and cleaning.

Do you know which tissue papers are commonly used in the away from the home segment? In this blog, we will uncover some commonly used tissue papers.

What is away-from-home tissue and hygiene for Institutions?

Away-from-home tissues and their dispensers are typically devoted to the HORECA and facility management segments, primarily for catering and cleaning applications. The away from home hygiene products include paper towels, toilet papers, maxi rolls and dispensers used in a working environment. One-third of the tissue market is the “Away From Home,” in commercial and industrial settings such as office and government buildings, hotels, schools, airports, amusement parks, and hospitals. In institutions, away-from-home tissues and dispensers are highly preferred since they ease the process, reduce wastage and adapt well with the professional environment.

Which tissue papers are used in the Catering industry?

  • Maxi Rolls: Restaurants, food courts, and catering events tend to use maxi rolls the most, for maximum clean-up and protection. It is the biggest selling tissue paper in the UAE market. This is a functional, effective choice that has high absorbent features for wiping uses. Virgin, recycled options, and flexible dispensing solutions dispensing one sheet at a time which ultimately decreases the number of sheets being used and ensures the purpose is fulfilled with each sheet at a time. Ultracare’s maxi rolls guarantee quality and have distinctive options adaptable to the requirement of the consumers to ensure the best usage of the same. The variations by Ultracare for Maxi Rolls are in the form of embossed vs. plain and perforated vs. non-perforated. 


  • 17-18 gsm; 1 ply and 2 ply options
  • 20 cm height
  • Collapsible core
  • Various weight options available: Starting from 650 grams to 1200 grams
  • Paper Napkins: 

Great for food stalls and catered events, these napkins are perfect for ensuring top-notch hygiene standards. Restaurants are inclined towards usage of paper napkins for their setting instead of other napkins due to distinctive reasons. Not only do these paper napkins add a dash of elegance, but also tends to elevate the dining experience.  High quality and contemporary design make Ultracare one of the leading paper napkin manufacturers in the UAE. From small cafes to posh coffee houses, restaurants, bars, everyone is inclined towards using the paper napkins because of the endless merits and the grace it adds in every way.


  • Provides a smooth and soft texture
  • Ideal for the F&B industry


  • 30 x 30 cm sheet size
  • Or 28 x 30 cm sheet size

Which tissue papers are used in the cleaning industry?

  • Autocut rolls:

Autocut Rolls come as 1 Ply or 2 Ply embossed rolls. They are multi purpose towels with high strength, mainly used in washrooms and offer a cost effective solution for cleaning and wiping purposes. This makes them the first choice product in the cleaning industry. There are 2 choices of dispensers: hybrid and sensor touch, both of which are available at Ultracare.


  • 40-42 gsm; 1 ply
  • 20 cm width
  • 125 meters per roll
  • 6 rolls per bale or carton
  • Interfold Hand Towels

Interfold hand towels are the most preferable and commonly used tissue paper in the cleaning industry. They come in both 1 ply and 2 ply and are ideal for all washroom interiors as they pose high absorbing capacity and quick drying of hands, keeping them soft and supple. The thorough interfolding allows for individual sheet dispensing with or without the use of a dispenser via its intelligent packaging with an “easy tear” slit opening. Ultracare’s interfold tissues are manufactured and hygienically packed in an untainted environment. Interfold hand towel’s dispensers are small in size and hence easy to install and use.


  • 17 gsm; 2 ply or 32-34 gsm; 1 ply
  • 21 x 23 cm sheet size
  • 150 sheets pack – 20 packs per carton
  • Toilet Rolls – The cleaning industry aims to prioritize hygiene as the utmost priority and necessity. In order to avoid being contaminated by germs, viruses, infections or diseases, Ultracare ensures ultimate protection of each individual and their hygiene. Toilet Rolls by Ultracare are opted for mainly in the healthcare Industry to ensure cleanliness with a quality like no other. The rolls ensure softness and smooth usage. 100% Virgin cellulose guarantees utmost strength and durability, one roll at a time. 


  • 15-16 gsm; 2 ply
  • 10 x 10 cm sheet size
  • Ranging from 140 sheets per roll to 500, depending on the requirement
  • 10 rolls per pack
  • 10 packs per bale
  • Center Pull T Tork Rolls – The speciality of Center Pull T Tork Rolls by Ultracare is that they are dispensed individually, ultimately decreasing the overall waste generated. Safety and hygiene remains crucial in the cleaning industry, catering, HORECA, Healthcare Facilities and so on. Hence one-at-a-time specification comes in handy in order to minimize any sort of cross-contamination or, passing on germs or infections onto the next paper towel. This ensures a more sanitary and safer environment which instigates the usage of the rolls to more professional and high-traffic facilities based on healthcare industries which could help minimize the costs in terms of refills and workforce required. The Center Pull T-Tork Rolls by Ultracare are premium in terms of quality and excel within the healthcare industry due to their impeccable impression, features and usage. 


  • 15-16 gsm; 2 ply
  • 12 cm width
  • 125 meters per roll
  • 12 rolls per bale

Ultracare is the leading tissue paper manufacturer in the UAE that offers an outstanding range of tissue paper products for both the retail and institutional segments. To understand more, visit https://myultracare.com/products/tissue-paper/ or send them a WhatsApp message.

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