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Interfold Hand Towels

Interfold Hand Towels

Interfold Paper Hand Towels, uniquely embossed, are perfectly suited for quick hand drying. Each towel is highly absorbent. The thorough interfolding allows for individual sheet dispensing with or without the use of a dispenser via its intelligent packaging with an “easy tear” slit opening.

Interfold tissues are widely used because of their softness, absorbency, and performance. Contact us if you are looking for an interfold tissue supplier in the UAE.


  • 17 gsm; 2 ply or 32-34 gsm; 1 ply
  • 21 x 23 cm sheet size
  • 150 sheets pack – 20 packs per ctn


What are Interfold Hand Towels?

Opting for the correct paper towel for your business can offer great advantages in improved hygiene control and waste reduction which also helps cut back on costs.

Inter fold hand towels can be a great choice in medium-traffic or high-traffic areas where the economy and value for money are paramount.

Interfold Paper Hand Towels, popularly known as the ‘V-Fold’ paper towels, are simply folded in half and are a popular cost-effective choice as they come out of the dispenser only one at a time which reduces towel wastage. Coming in both embossed and non-embossed options, you can select your option according to the requirements.

Where Are They Commonly Used?

Ultracare’s Inter fold Hand Towels are excellent and well-known for their variations, implemented both in-home and away from home segments. They are the most preferable and commonly used tissue paper in the cleaning industry.

They can also be used in a range of dispensing systems and in an extensive variety of environments including but not limited to public washrooms, education establishments, leisure, and general industry washrooms.


Inter fold Hand Towels come in both 1 ply and 2 ply and pose high absorbing capacity and quick drying of hands, keeping them soft and supple. The thorough interfolding allows for individual sheet dispensing with or without the use of a dispenser via its intelligent packaging with an “easy tear” slit opening.

Why choose Interfold Hand Towels?

  • Interfold Hand Towels come out only one at a time, which means that no excess or unnecessary towels can be pulled from the dispenser. This helps reduce wastage and ensures that the towels are always ready and available to the next user, making them a cost-effective solution as well.
  • As interfold paper hand towels are interleaved with the next towel in the pack, it ensures that there is no physical contact with the dispenser. This makes way for reduced cross-contamination and also encourages single towel use.

Advantages at a glance:

  • Dispenses one towel at a time providing controlled usage.
  • Single sheet dispensing method improves hand hygiene by minimizing the risk of contamination
  • Dispensing one paper towel at a time also helps in cost reduction as users only take the hand towels they need when drying hands.
  • Hygienic dispensing method
  • High-quality at economic prices

Why choose Ultracare?

  • When it comes to hygiene, there should not be any compromise.
  • Ultracare’s inter fold hand towel tissues are designed to support hand hygiene standards and create an uplifting washroom experience. Compatible with a variety of paper towel dispensers, our interfold hand towels are the one-stop solution you need to ensure your team’s and visitors’ maximum hygiene and protection. Our interfold tissues are manufactured and hygienically packed in an untainted environment.
  • At Ultracare, we supply a range of hygiene solutions to support high hygiene standards for your business and home environments.
  • Our clients love our products and our unmatched customer service. If you are looking for a one-stop-shop for all your hygiene needs, your search ends with us at Ultracare – Hygiene Care Redefined. Contact +971 50 904 5456 for more information.

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